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We make & sell products that promote a holistic health approach, feeding and caring for both your body & your mind. These products include Nutricafé Organic Immune Support Coffee, Cocoa Mojo Immune Support Organic Cocoa Powder & the award winning Enerfood Superfood Powder!

About EnerHealth Botanicals

We make & sell products that promote a holistic health approach, feeding and caring for both your body & your mind. These products include Hemp Oil Extracts, Botanical Herb Extracts, Salves, Sprays, Nutricafé Organic Immune Support Coffee, Cocoa Mojo Immune Support Organic Cocoa Powder, the award-winning Enerfood Superfood Powder, plus more!

EnerHealth Botanicals was incorporated in 2005 by Steve St. Clair with the goal of promoting conscious wellness for the mind, body, and soul. We have been formulating and blending herbs and nutritional supplements since that time.

Our line includes: Hemp Oil & Botanical Herb Extracts, Salves, Sprays, NutriCafe – our medicinal mushroom infused whole bean organic coffees, Cocoa Mojo – our organic cocoa blended with medicinal mushroom extracts and coconut palm sugar, Enerfood – organic superfood, Coconut Milk Powder and more!

In 2016 we began our experimentation in alternative processing techniques and landed on the Spagyric Process, the only true whole plant extract on the market today. This process involves an organic ethanol extraction and then a 2nd extraction of the mineral salts native to the hemp plant. These mineral salts are then reintroduced into the ethanol extract to complete the plant. As this is done something miraculous occurs, the structure of the molecules appears to fracture into micro molecules thereby increasing the product viability 5-10 times. This increases the body’s ability to absorb the hemp and increases the ability of the hemp to ‘travel’ to the appropriate destinations in your system.

Our overall purpose is to create a company that cares about the health and well-being of people. Too many companies use call-centers or have people answering the phones that have no clue about health or human compassion. One of our main goals was to offer real customer service from real, like-minded people who live and breathe our same philosophies. Because of this, we have been fortunate enough to build many valuable relationships over the years with all of you (our customers) and we are privileged to be able to assist you in every way possible to help you achieve your health goals. We would like to share a little about ourselves, so you get to know our company better:

Steve St. Clair President

With a Master’s degree in International Finance and a business career spanning several industries such as money management, real estate, consulting and venture capital start ups, Steve has added a business dimension to the company. As a vegetarian and conscious activist deeply concerned about the direction our country has taken, he has studied a wide range of subjects related to our inner and outer world environment such as; building and real estate development techniques that reduce energy consumption by 75%; food resources and how they have been used or misused; systematic mis-information about nutrition to benefit large corporate interests; spiritual texts from all over the world; ongoing in-depth research into the U.S. political and economic system.

Brittani Piesik Facility Manager & Accounting

Brittani is our accounting and human resources guru who brings 10 years of business accounting experience to Enerhealth. In Brittani's spare time she enjoys running, riding Harleys, watching UFC fights, and spending time with her family.

Belle Lor Lab Manager

Belle is our Lab Manager and Herbal Processor at Enerhealth. Belle brings to Enerhealth a Biological background with a focus in Ecological Microbial Biology. Working in processing, Belle uses her love and respect for the earth to capture the true essence of each herb in extraction. She constantly surrounds herself with the people she loves most: her husband, family and friends. Belle’s passions outside of work include tennis, volleyball, sewing, fishing, hiking and exploring new places.

Cina Davis Customer Support Specialist

When you make an inquiry at Enerhealth Botanicals by phone or email, chances are you’ll be speaking with the bright and bubbly Cina! Born in Texas, Cina has always had a passion for people, fitness and holistic nutrition, so 4 years ago she moved to the super active, health-conscious state of Colorado to pursue her endeavors. Bringing over 10 years of customer service experience in a variety of fields, technical savviness and transforming lives through alternative and nutritional healing to the table, she can assist you with a variety of inquiries like recommending complex herbs, setting up accounts, and placing orders for you!

Rick Ybarra Shipping Specialist

Rick brings over 3 decades of packing and shipping experience to Enerhealth. He is a semi-native Coloradoan and has lived in the Boulder County area since the age of 9. Rick is a Colorado sports fan - The Broncos and the Rockies are his favorite teams and growing up in Boulder made him a huge 'Buff fan as well. He loves cooking for his family and friends, but his passion is the outdoors, especially fishing rivers and lakes. Rick still makes plenty of time for golf and for his daughter.